CBST Bail Bond Fund

The CBST Bail Bond Fund

One of the most immediate and effective ways to reunite immigrants in detention with their families is by paying their bail. In the past, the government frequently set bail at the legal minimum of $1,500, already out of reach for most immigrants. Today, bail levels have been increased to thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Read more…

How does bail work?  Bail is submitted on behalf of a detainee, who is then released to pursue their legal case while living in their community instead of behind bars. The bail is held by the court system until the legal process is concluded. Then the bail money is returned and can be re-submitted to help other people!  

How can you help?  Contribute to the new CBST Bail Bond Fund and know that your gift will have immediate impact. As a leader in the New Sanctuary Coalition, CBST is committed to the Coalition’s “Life Bond Fund” which helped free 25 immigrants from detention. 

You may make your fully tax deductible contribution by check (to CBST with memo: Bail Bond Fund) or give online. Consider giving through an employer match, donor advised fund, or stock transfer.  


 ברוך אתה ה״ אלוהינו מלך העולם מתיר אסורים

Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech haolam matir assurim.

Blessed are You, Holy One our God, who frees the captive. 

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