Door Policy for In-Person Services & Programs


COVID levels in the NYC area are currently MEDIUM ( This news requires the Synagogue's leadership to make the following modifications in CBST's COVID policy for in-person services and other events (effective January 31, 2023):

A.  Masks are optional for worship but there will be a clearly defined mask-required section at every service. We have added hand sanitizing stations and ask everyone to clean their hands after entering the building and before eating or drinking.

B.  Infected or exposed? If you have COVID-like symptoms or are within ten days of a new infection and/or a positive COVID test, please DO NOT enter the building. Similarly, if you have been exposed and asymptomatic, wear a mask until 10 days from the exposure. A test at 5-7 days from diagnosis or exposure is recommended.

C.  Oneg and Kiddush in the Wolfson community space downstairs will continue, however, we ask anyone who wishes to participate to take a rapid antigen test within 24 hours of the event they plan to attend. 

D.  Vaccination policy Proof of Covid vaccination, including the bivalent vaccine if eligible, is required to enter the synagogue, and the flu vaccination is highly recommended. If your vaccination documentation is not on file, please click here

All adults and children six months and older are now required to be fully vaccinated according to current CDC guidelines.  All but the youngest age group are requird to have a bivalent booster dose. View the most up-to-date vaccine guidelines. Please consult with your health care provider for more individualized recommendations.


Each Thursday, community COVID data is reviewed and, if the numbers reflect CDC MEDIUM or HIGH levels, the E-News will state requirements for Shabbat and the upcoming week. Masking may be restored, and food discontinued.

COVID is uniquely challenging, demanding both self-reliance and mutual responsibility. Each of us make the decisions that best protect ourselves, as well as honestly present our individual situations to protect others. Much of our safety program depends on voluntary compliance. Thank you for continued adherence to the CBST Attestation.

CBST greetings historically involve hugs and kisses. Many have modified these expressions during the pandemic. Be sensitive to your friends, who may not welcome close contact for the time being. The pandemic continues in a precarious state. With 5783, let us keep each other and our leaders safe.

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