A Home of Our Own

A Home of Our Own

In February 1977, CBST moved into a loft on Bethune Street. For the past thirty-seven years, we've made ‎the loft our spiritual home. But as our community continued to grow, the space couldn't accommodate our ‎growing needs. We've been actively searching for a new home for more than a decade, and we've finally ‎found a beautiful space that meets our needs.‎

On March 30, 2011, CBST members voted to approve the purchase of a new home at 130 West 30th ‎Street; on July 18, 2013, CBST's Board of Directors voted unanimously to proceed with construction; and ‎on February 5, 2014, ground was officially and ritually broken on our New Home.‎

Now, in 2014, demolition is proceeding swiftly. The upper and lower levels are almost completely opened ‎up and the concrete on the existing mezzanine has been removed. So far, no unwelcome surprises. Our ‎structural engineer is meeting with the site team to strategize the removal of the steel structure of the ‎mezzanine. The last big piece of demolition will be the back wall of the future sanctuary. We are hoping to ‎get some video footage of that to share.‎

The sanctuary seating designs have been fine tuned and forwarded to the furniture maker for construction ‎of a prototype we can test for comfort. Our sanctuary seating will be completely custom for our space. The ‎pews will appear substantial and permanent, but can be easily lifted by two people, stacked on carts and ‎rolled into storage so that we can use the sanctuary for dinners and dances. The English designer, Luke ‎Hughes Pews (not kidding) has designed removable seating for spaces small and enormous in British ‎libraries, theaters, schools, churches and universities. We are their first synagogue and largest American ‎project. The seating will be manufactured in upstate New York. -  Aari Ludvigsen

For more information, email newhome@cbst.org.
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